Good Food

Health and Wellness

Eating good food at the end of the day is what nourishes our bodies. When thinking about it, last time we ate something unhealthy like Chinese food or McDonalds or our favorite pizza, it sat in our stomachs and all we wanted to do was curl up into a ball and take a nap. However, when thinking about the last time we ate something nutritious like a steak dinner with vegetables and a little bit of brown rice or a chicken dish with a flavorful lemon sauce and some asparagus or zucchini, our bodies felt energized and full, but in a good way. It is best that we fill our bodies with the proper fuel we need.

Another big thing that people do not do each day is eat three meals a day. I am guilty of it. In order for our bodies to work properly and our metabolism to work correctly, we should eat three meals a day. By not eating three meals a day our metabolism starts to slow down which makes digestion harder and slower. By doing simple fixes and eating right, our bodies can work properly and heal like they are supposed to.

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